ReUse Action . . .



. . .is a team of licensed and insured restoration and demolition contractors, working diligently to salvage materials for reuse and preserve whole structures for the future.  





For over 12 years we’ve been refining our techniques, to efficiently deconstruct buildings while maximizing the quantity of materials reclaimed.  We have successfully completed demolition projects on barns, multi-story commercial buildings, barns, and residential structures all across the Northeast.

As General Contractors, we specialize in the preservation and restoration of old houses and barns.  We have managed large fire restoration projects; new builds featuring reclaimed materials; shoring, stabilization, and restoration of barns; and structural improvements and restorations on older homes.  

ReUse Action sells reclaimed materials to the public, re-purposes materials to create specialty products, and incorporates many materials into unique, green, rehabilitation projects.